iCandy Interactive Games

Unique Gaming Experiences

We love making great games of our 20m+ users and some of them have won awards!

iCandy Interactive Investment

An Investment Holding Company

We’re looking for the best studios within the Asia Pacific region to join our growing family of companies to make more great games for our players worldwide.


iCandy Interactive Limited

Successfully completed the IPO on 4 February 2016, and has since been trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


20,000,000 downloads and counting

We are a leading content provider within Southeast Asia. Our studios, Appxplore and Inzen, have produced award-winning games such as: “Crab War”, “Dark Dot” and “Alien Hive” for our 20m+ install base world wide. Our games have been awarded “Best Games of 2016”, “Editors Choice” “Excellence in Innovation” and we’re looking forward to making more great games for our players!