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We love making great games of our 20m+ users and some of them have won awards!

iCandy Interactive Investment

An Investment Holding Company

We’re looking for the best studios within the Asia Pacific region to join our growing family of companies to make more great games for our players worldwide.


iCandy Interactive Limited

Successfully completed the IPO on 4 February 2016, and has since been trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


Creating A Global Audience for Games and Digital Entertainment

We are a leading international digital entertainment company that aims to provide exciting mobile gaming and entertainment experiences to our extensive global audience.

Our community includes access to more than 350 million gamers worldwide, largely distributed across North America, Europe and Asia. We are actively building platforms and services that will provide the right digital entertainment experience to our community on a seamless digital ecosystem that works with the best-of-breed technologies.

Our game studios are aware winning studios that develops creations that have been named Google Play’s Best Games and are frequently listed in Editors’ Choice list, in addition to winning awards at the coveted International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA).

We want to provide even more exciting experiences by exploring fresh areas of gaming with emerging potential. Together with our partner Nitro, we aim to transform the gaming industry beyond recognition with our own unique spin on blockchain technology. We are geared up for our next big adventure as we take on the realm of cryptogaming and eSports.


Secures Strategic Investment from eSports.com

iCandy Interactive Ltd (ASX:ICI), a Fatfish investee and a leading southeast Asian mobile game and entertainment company, has secured a strategic investment from eSports.com, a leading esports and blockchain global player. This a very important moment for iCandy. The deal not only validates the value and importance of iCandy’s  large community of gamers, in addition it allows iCandy to kick off a presence in the very hot eSports sector. Read more here.

iCandy to launch new Crypto Game powered by the Ethereum blockchain network

iCandy Interactive Limited (ASX Code: ICI) (“iCandy” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has started developing a new genre of blockchain and cryptocurrency based Web games (“Crypto Games”). The first of this new Crypto Games being developed is a new game named Cryptant Crab. Subscribe here and get notified.

Find out more at www.cryptantcrab.io

Creating a Portfolio with 348m Gamers

iCandy Interactive has announced the acquisition of a game portfolio of Animoca Brands, adding 325 million unique smartphone gamers onto the existing 23 million smartphone gamers, creating a community of 348 million smartphone gamers. Read more here.

Partnering with NITRO Cryptocurrency

iCandy Interactive has announced its support to be a corporate and publishing partner to NITRO project that aims to create a new cryptocurrency that solves ecosystem problems of the US$100billion a year video-game industry. iCandy Interactive will make available all its network and community to foster the usage of NITRO tokens.

Find out more at www.nitro.live.