Light A Way 1.4.0

The Fairytale based Tapper game Light A Way introduces new mysterious power as Turtie your turtle companion begins to glow! Unleash the power of the tapper fairies and rain continuous light upon the darkness.

The battle to cleanse the darkness brought by the Umbras still rages on and you as the Guardian of Light discover new powers in your allies to continue bringing light to each world. Appxplore is currently working on new story and a huge feature update but in the mean time we get to take a look at Turtie finally finding his way to shine… literally! Turtie now gains a new ability to enchant the fairies with auto tapping powers, allowing you to rest your fingers as the fairies go into overdrive. Every few seconds, Turtie helps gather additional light and this light can be collected to help power up this new auto tapper ability that lasts a whopping 10 minutes.

Befriend adorable Lumis, collect powerful staffs and weave enchanted dresses as you restore light to the world with Turtie!

Light A Way iOS

Light A Way Android

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Appxplore Sdn. Bhd. (“Appxplore”) is one of Southeast Asia’s leading mobile game development studios armed with highly-skilled talents in providing original, premium-quality smartphone games. Based in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Appxplore is one of a rare handful of games studios that have generated more than 22 million downloads on a successive series of smartphone games published globally. Appxplore’s team comprises a stellar combination of artists and developers, backed by an experienced management team. Appxlore is a studio member of iCandy Interactive Limited.

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iCandy Interactive Ltd (“iCandy) is an Australian incorporated public company that has its core business in the development and publishing of smartphone games on popular smartphone OS.

iCandy’s run multiple subsidiary games studios in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, including the famed award-winning games studios Appxplore. iCandy is one of the leading mobile games companies in Southeast Asia with more than 22 million copies of its games titles downloaded onto smartphones. It focusses on the genre of “mid-core” action-influenced puzzle games.

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