Sporos Smashes Own Download Record 2 Years After Release

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, August 26, 2015 – Sporos continues to capture the hearts and minds of gamers well after release, surpassing five million downloads over the weekend to herald a return to the homepages of major mobile distribution platforms worldwide.

The latest version of the 2013 title can currently be found in more than 50 Featured lists on the App Store and appears immediately on launch of Google Play across 24 territories. This renewed interest comes hot on the heels of recently- added Korean and Japanese language support, sparking a meteoric rise up the charts.

Soon after localisations were made available, Sporos reached the highest positions of #2 and #4 respectively on the iPad and iPhone in South Korea. The puzzler enjoyed similar success in Japan, reaching #3 on both devices.

Spread across a whopping 500 levels (and counting!), Sporos challenges players to illuminate all cells on a board by arranging seeds down every row and column. Order of placement is key to completion here, as only a mited number of irregularly-defined seeds are given. Some are six-directional, while others are confined to four or two. In the absence of a time limit, players must instead attempt solutions with the least moves possible, lending an extra layer of depth and replayability.

Sporos is Appxplore’s sophomore effort following the encouraging debut of Lightopus. The game quickly became the Kuala Lumpur-based developer’s best-performing IP, topping the daily rankings in 15 countries.

Steve Watts of MacLife praised its “easy-to-grasp, hard-to-master puzzle mechanics” and “nicely-paced difficulty ramp”. AppSpy’s Dave Flodine echoed the sentiment, scoring the game 4/5 and calling it “an engaging, original puzzle experience”. Writing for Cult of Mac, Rob LeFebvre concluded, “It’s pretty to look at, calming to play, and will challenge even the most dedicated puzzle game fans”.

Appxplore was acquired by Singapore-based venture accelerator Fatfish Internet Group in 2014. The takeover has injectedrces into the fledgling startup that is hoped to enable larger-scale projects and widen their clientele. Fatfish has since spun off its mobile games studio investments into newly-established subsidiary iCandy Interactive Ltd, which will be listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Sporos is available for download on the App Store, Google Play and App Pass.

For more information, visit http://appxplore.com/index.php/games/sporos