If you’re a casual, on the go gamer with a love for sci-fi games, Appxplore has the perfect game for you. Void Troopers is a visually stunning idle shooter game.

You play as the leader of the Void Troopers, growing your fleet into a dominating force and destroying enemies who dare to threaten the galaxy. The game is done in collaboration with Hypernova Interactive.


The game is fairly simple, load up and you will be met with a fairly short tutorial, explaining the game to you. You can leave the game on idle as your ship blasts through enemies on its own or tap the screen of your mobile phone to eliminate enemies faster. At the end of each stage you will be met with a boss which does require you to do some manual tapping – tap faster than the boss is able to damage you and you win! There is no need for your to move your ship around. A simple tap is all you need to not only attack enemies but blast through the enemy fire as well.

As you progress, you collect resources which help to not only improve your ship but also grow your fleet. Hire more captains to aid you through your expeditions as well as collect resources when you are idle. When bosses get too hard, you could always travel through time with time orbs to purchase futuristic weapons and add ons for your fleet.


Visually, the game is stunning. The game boasts bright, futuristic colours and the attacks from the ships will kind of remind you of bullet hell games. Your small, simple ship that you will upgrade over time continues looking better, souped up and deadly.

Overall, the game is perfect for those looking to kill time in between busy lives. The game is visually appealing and allows you to play at your own pace. Even when you are idle and unable to play the game, it ensures that you continue collecting resources so that you do not fall behind and can easily continue the game when you return.

If sci-fi shooters aren’t your thing, don’t worry! AppXplore has another game to look out for in collaboration with their sister company, Joyseed Game Tribe, named “Hollywhoot”. The game is about the journey of becoming the best director in the world. You can leave your game on idle as movie production happens or tap on your screen like crazy to make production move faster! Hollywhoot will be out on the 26th of July 2018.