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CryptantCrab – First blockchain game from public-listed game company kickstarts pre-sale with bounty

Source: CryptantCrab CryptantCrab is announcing its pre-sale release date with a bounty campaign which is now open to all. The game, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain, takes its inspiration from an Asian pastime of raising fighting fish as it provides a similar experience to raising these virtual crustaceans that comes alive on the…
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iCandy’s about to launch a blockchain-based crab game

Mobile gamer iCandy’s blockchain crab game ‘CryptantCrab’ will be available for pre-sale later this month ahead of a full release towards the end of this year. iCandy Interactive (ASX:ICI) told investors back in April that it was developing a new genre of blockchain and cryptocurrency web games, starting with CryptantCrab. The company reckons that it…
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CryptantCrab’s virtual crabs run on the Ethereum blockchain Players are able to buy, sell, trade and compete against one another CRYPTO games are not very common at the moment but that has not stopped iCandy Interactive from diving right into the thick of it. Its latest game CryptantCrab is a direct spin-off from its award-winning Crab…
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iCandy Interactive shares rally on new major shareholder

Shares were issued as part of a $4 million equity component of an acquisition. The total acquisition payment was $5 million, $1 million cash and $4 million equity iCandy Interactive Ltd (ASX:ICI) is trading 28% higher this morning after revealing that Animoca Brands Limited has a 8.3% stake in the company. Animoca Brands Ltd (ASX:AB1) is…
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Blockchain v crypto stocks: how to pick which is which and why it’s important

Blockchain and cryptocurrency stocks tend to get lumped together — the entire group of ASX-listed companies has plummeted together this year. As our table below shows, only a handful of the 35 or so blockchain and crypto stocks have made ground since January. But for tech investors with an eye on the longer term, experts…
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A Look into Icandy Interactive Limited (ICI.AX) as Shares Move 0.009

Shares of Icandy Interactive Limited (ICI.AX) have seen the needle move 16.36% or 0.009 in the most recent session. The ASX listed company saw a recent bid of $0.064 on 856783 volume. When examining stocks, investors might be doing top down research. Top down analysis begins with looking at certain macro-economic factors. This may involve focusing in on the bigger…
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If you’re a casual, on the go gamer with a love for sci-fi games, Appxplore has the perfect game for you. Void Troopers is a visually stunning idle shooter game. You play as the leader of the Void Troopers, growing your fleet into a dominating force and destroying enemies who dare to threaten the galaxy.…
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We caught up with Lili Lim from Appxplore to learn more about their latest mobile title VoidTroopers and upcoming title Hollywhoot. Source:

Icandy Interactive Limited (ICI.AX) Moves 14.58%

Icandy Interactive Limited (ICI.AX) shares are moving today on volatility 14.58% or $0.007 from the open. The ASX listed company saw a recent bid of 0.055 and 494326 shares have traded hands in the session. Investors have a few distinct options when approaching the stock market. One option is to follow the crowd and trade with the consensus. Another way is to go…
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Void Trooper: Sci-fi Tapper

As the leader of the Void Troopers, grow your fleet into a formidable force and destroy all that dare threaten the peace of the universe! Fight a diverse cast of aliens as you defend against the Zurloc threat in this visually stunning idle shooter. Following the immense success of Crab War and Light A Way…
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